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Performance:  When working at a theme park somewhere in the U.S. I had the "opportunity" to counsel an employee for hand-feeding the polar bears. -  name withheld 

Attendance:  Employee called in and said he would be late to work because his bail bondsman was late showing up at the jail to post his bail.  - Name Withheld, SC

Interviewing: While Interviewing a candidate one day, I noticed an 8 year gap in her resume.  Upon asking her what she was doing that time, she casually said, "I murdered my husband...but I am ok now."  - Elliott Wilson, South Carolina

Interviewing:  In 2000 we were looking for machinist at XYZ Valve and were holding interviews. I had a young lady to come to her interview in a halter top and shorter than Daisy Dukes with platform flip-flops, with make up to match. I asked her what kind of job she was looking for. I couldn't take her on a tour due to the dress. She replied, I'm on my way to work and I'm tired of stripping and want to find something different. - Joy Owens, South Carolina

Other:  We hired a secretary at XXX Corp. and began hearing stories of her pulling her dress up to show her tatoo off. It was a snake that supposedly went all the way up her leg and the guys in the shop were all eager to find out if true. We found her on the floor exposing her snake leg to several of the guys. Needless to say she was terminated then. She didn't understand as she felt it was art rather than inappropriate behavior in the work place. - Name withheld, SC

Attendance:  I had an employee tell me that he was going to be off Friday and Monday. I asked why and he said FLMA. I asked him what the basis for the leave and he said he wanted to be off on Friday and Monday. I said that I needed a family or medical reason and he said he didn't have one. I asked why he thought he didn't have to have one and he said because he had understood that FMLA stood for Friday and Monday Leave Act. When you think about it, I guess I can see why employees might possibly believe that. - Steve Nail, SC

Interviewing:  I worked in a healthcare clinic in Washington state in the 1980s as an HR Manager. One day I was interviewing a candidate for a Medical Receptionist position who threw me not 1, but 2 curveballs during the interview! Upon entering my office, I was making the usual chit chat and asked her about her leather patchwork blazer. She said she made it herself out of pigs she raised! Then when speaking about her last employer she said, " I knew what it felt like to be a diaper - shit upon!" Everything in between wasn't very great either so I chose to proceed with other candidates - Teresa Vaughn, SPHR, SC

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A supervisor was in trouble with a sexual harassment allegation because he kept asking his female subordinates for dates and then punished those who said “no” by putting them in charge of afternoon cleanup.  One part of the disciplinary action was that I told him to stop asking his employees out for dates.  Two weeks later, “Jane” came into the office to complain that the supervisor had asked her out again.  The supervisor was brought into my HR office and I also brought in a department head to witness the discussion.  “Do you remember when we spoke about not asking out your employees?” I asked.  The supervisor said he did.  “Did you ask Jane out for a date this morning?” I asked.  The supervisor responded, “No I didn’t.” In keeping with the list of questions I had received from our corporate attorney, I asked, “Did you ask Jane to have sex with you?”  “Yes I did!” He responded. “You said for me to not ask them out on dates, you didn’t say anything about not asking them to have sex.”  Unfortunately, the department head in the room had just sipped his coffee. He spewed it across the room.  
 – Sharon Sellers, South Carolina

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